Messenger: Property Tax Relief Now

Candidate: None

Contest: Proposition HH

Affiliation: U

Date delivered: Oct. 30, 2023

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Message type: mailer

Message tone: contrast

About the message:

This mailer accuses opponents of Proposition HH of being funded by dark money and spreading false hoods. Read an explainer about how HH, which deals with rising property taxes, a fact check on TABOR refunds, a fact check on property tax hikes and more about where the money is coming from at The Colorado Sun.

About the messenger:

The messenger's money:

Property Tax Relief Now received funding from several national dark money nonprofits, including Education Reform Advocacy Now, which gave $650,000, and The Sixteen Thirty Fund, which donated a total of $600,000. Boldly Forward, a nonprofit affiliated with Democratic Gov. Jared Polis, has donated nearly $392,000.