Welcome to Follow the Message from journalist Sandra Fish

During elections, we’re often inundated with campaign literature in our mailboxes, on our computer screens, on the TV and the radio.

Those messages vary from glowing to vicious, even about the same candidate. And it isn't always clear where the messenger is coming from, or how they paid for the message.

That's where Follow the Message comes in. We're collecting political messages received by voters, compiling information about those messages and creating a database of those messages.

But we need your help. Have you received a flier at the door or a campaign mailer? Take photos and contribute them. Next time you see a digital ad, take a screen shot and submit it, along with the URL the digital ad linked to. If you get a robocall, record it and send it to us. If you hear a radio ad, let us know.

Go here to make submissions. We'll need your name and email to contact you, but we won't make them public. Questions? Contact fish@copolitics.co