Messenger: Unite for Colorado Action - state

Candidate: Suzanne Staiert

Contest: Senate District 27

Affiliation: R

Date delivered: Aug. 26, 2020

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Message type: mailer

Message tone: positive

About the message:

This mailer from Unite for Colorado Action, a state super PAC, calls Republican Suzanne Staiert a "practical leader not a partisan warrior." That echoes the slogan "Practical not political" on the candidate's website. The photos used in the mailer are also identical to those on the candidate's website, and it includes a quote from her website.

Staiert faces Democrat Chris Kolker in the Arapahoe County seat being vacated by Republican Sen. Jack Tate. The district is considered to lean Democratic.

About the messenger:

Unite for Colorado Action - state is a state level super PAC affiliated with Unite for Colorado, a dark money profit that's aired nearly $3 million worth of TV ads attacking Democratic U.S. Senate candidate John Hickenlooper. The state level super PAC is supporting Republican candidates for state Senate.

The messenger's money:

The group has yet to file a campaign finance disclosure, so it's unclear where the money is coming from.