Messenger: Senate Majority Fund

Candidate: Beth Martinez Humenik

Contest: Senate District 24

Affiliation: R

Date delivered: Sept. 17, 2018

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Message type: mailer

Message tone: contrast

About the message:

This mailer from super PAC Senate Majority Fund centers on contrasting immigration policies of incumbent Republican Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik and her challenger, Democratic state Rep. Faith Winter.

It says Winter supports "sancutary cities.," citing Winter's co-sponsorship of a measure to prevent the state and local government from providing the federal government with information about a Colorado resident's race, ethnicity, national origin, immigration status or religious affiliation. It also would have prohibited holding a person for more than 48 hours or detaining them because of such characteristics. That measure died in the Senate.

The mailer says would allow "illegal criminals who commit violent crimes to be let go back into our communities," although the bill mentioned would only have allowed release if the person was being held solely on the base of their immigration status. Anyone charged with a crime could still be held in jail.

By way of contrast, the mailer says Martinez Humenik would "uphold and enforce federal immigration laws."

About the messenger: The Senate Majority Fund is a state-level super PAC that supports Republican candidates for Colorado's state Senate and opposes Democratic candidates.

The messenger's money: The group has raised about $2 million since Jan. 1, 2017, including $200,000 from Noble Energy, $77,200 from Pharmaceutical Research & Manufacturers of America, $64,000 from the Colorado Apartment Association, $45,000 from The Anschutz Corp. and $35,000 from Encana Oil & Gas,