Messenger: Brittany Pettersen

Candidate: Brittany Pettersen

Contest: Senate District 22

Affiliation: D

Date delivered: Oct. 23, 2018

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Message type: mailer

Message tone: contrast

About the message:

This mailer from Democratic state Senate candidate and state Rep. Brittany Pettersen contrasts her with Republican opponent Tony Sanchez on education.

She says she supports higher teacher pay, full-day kindergarten and increased access to pre-kindergarten.

She says Sanchez wants to "divert taxpayer dollars" to for-profit schools, citing a pledge he signed in 2013 with Colorado Union of Taxpayers, which he serves on the board of. It also cites a more recent endorsement by the Republican Liberty Caucus of Colorado. That group favors eliminating government control and funding of schools in favor of private charity, endowments and scholarships.

About the messenger:

State Rep. Brittany Pettersen is an activist running for the state Senate.

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