Messenger: America First Legal Foundation

Candidate: None

Contest: none

Affiliation: U

Date delivered: Oct. 22, 2022

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Message type: mailer

Message tone: negative

About the message:

This anti-transgender Spanish-langauge mailer falsely claims that Democratic President Joe Biden and his liberal allies “are pushing radical and irreversible gender experiments on children” like blocking puberty and removing genitalia. The mailer is one of at least two sent by the dark money nonprofit America First Legal Foundation, which doesn't reveal its donors.

Democrats fear the mailers and simlar radio ads are aimed at discouraging Latino voter turnout. 

About the messenger:

America First Legal Foundation is a 501(c)(3) run by Stephen Miller, an adviser to former President Donald Trump know for his anti-immigration views. 

The messenger's money:

Because the organization is a nonprofit, it doesn't disclose its donors. Thus it is a dark money group.