Messenger: Abolish Slavery Colorado

Candidate: None

Contest: Amendment A

Affiliation: U

Date delivered: Oct. 6, 2018

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Message type: door literature

Message tone: informative

About the message:

This door hanger encourages voters to approve Amendment A, which would remove a provision from the Colorado Constitution that allows slavery if a person is convicted of a crime. The measure is referred to votes by the legislature, and is worded differently than a similar measure that was defeated two years ago.

About the messenger: Abolish Slavery Colorado is an issue committee supporting Amendment A, which is referred to voters by the Colorado General Assembly. The amendment would delete a portion of the state Constitution that would allow slavery as punishment for a crime.

The messenger's money: This group has raised about $54,000, with Cynthia Beard, of Boulder, donating more than $25,000.