Messenger: Teachers for Kennedy

Candidate: Jared Polis

Contest: Governor

Affiliation: D

Date delivered: June 23, 2018

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Message type: door literature

Message tone: negative

About the message: This mailer from super PAC Teachers for Kennedy urges voters to oppose Democratic Congressman in the primary for governor, saying he has been inconsistent in support of school vouchers, While he initially supported a 2003 state-level measure to pilot a voucher program that would include private schools, he voted against such programs in Congress.

About the messenger: Teachers for Kennedy is an independent expenditure committee, the Colorado equivalent of a super PAC that can take unlimited donations and spend unlimited amounts without coordinating with a candidate. It is supporting Democrat Cary Kennedy in the four-way June 26 primary gubernatorial primary.

The messenger's money: Teachers for Kennedy received $619,000 from the NEA Advocacy Fund and another $400,000 came from the Colorado Fund for Children and Public Education, both teachers unions.

The group also received $800,000 came from Women Vote!, a super PAC run by Emily’s List. Colorado donors include Laurie Michaels, of Woody Creek, and Judi Wagner, of Littleton, at $50,000 each. And $228,,000 came from Love Colorado, another state-level independent spending group supporting Democratic women.