Messenger: Rocky Mountain Gun Owners

Candidate: Brittany Pettersen

Contest: Senate District 22

Affiliation: D

Date delivered: Oct. 20, 2018

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Message type: mailer

Message tone: negative

About the message:

This mailer from Rocky Mountain Gun Owners notes that state Rep. Brittany Pettersen voted:

The mailer cites Colorado Ceasefire's endorsement of Pettersen. That group supports gun control legislation.

RMGO supports Republican Tony Sanchez in this open state Senate seat based in Jefferson County and is one of his largest campaign donors.

About the messenger: Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is a gun-rights organization that considers itself more conservative than the National Rifle Association. It supports open carry, carrying of concealed guns without permits, unlimited magazine capacities, bump stocks and more.

The messenger's money: The group's biggest donor is Tatnall Hillman, of Aspen, the 6th largest individual Colorado donor in the 2018 election cycle.