Messenger: Republican Governors Association

Candidate: Walker Stapleton

Contest: Governor

Affiliation: R

Date delivered: July 25, 2018

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Message type: tv ad

Message tone: positive

About the message: The day after releasing an ad criticizing Democratic gubernatorial candidate Congressman Jared Polis, the Republican Governors Association is releasing an ad praising GOP candidate Treasurer Walker Stapleton.

Here's the text of the ad: "Only one candidate for governor puts the economy first. Walker Stapleton. Fix our roads. Fund our schools. Save our jobs. A pragmatic leader. Walker Stapleton. Walker will work for Colorado."

Contracts filed with the FCC indicate the RGA is airing the ads through Aug. 6. It's unclear what the size of the buy is, and the RGA won't say. But one Denver station filed a contract for 84 ads at a cost of nearly $52,000.

About the messenger:

The Republican Governors Association is a political nonprofit, or 527, that advocates for GOP candidates and against Democratic candidates around the nation.

The messenger's money:

The state RGA is supported by the national group, which has contributed $1.3 million through August. The national group reports quarterly to the IRS. Among its large Colorado donors are Encana Corp. at $101,350, Whiting Petroleum at $100,450 and the Anschutz Corp. at $100,000