Messenger: National Rifle Association

Candidate: Walker Stapleton

Contest: Governor

Affiliation: R

Date delivered: Oct. 26, 2018

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Message type: mailer

Message tone: positive

About the message:

This mailer from the NRA super PAC supports Republican Treasurer Walker Stapleton for governor, citing his "A" rating by the gun rights group and saying "They're coming after your Freedom on Nov. 6th!". Stapleton opposes limits on gun magazines, and opposed a "red flag" law that would have allowed law enforcement to temporarily confiscate guns from people considered a danger because of mental illness.

His Democratic opponent, Congressman Jared Polis, supports red-flag laws and limits on gun maazines.

About the messenger: The National Rifle Association is focused on protecting gun rights, including large-capacity magazines and more.

The messenger's money: The Colorado super PACs money comes from the national nonprofit, which isn't required to disclose its donors.