Messenger: Tim Neville

Candidate: Tammy Story

Contest: Senate District 16

Affiliation: D

Date delivered: Nov. 2, 2018

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Message type: robocall

Message tone: negative

About the message:

This robocall from the campaign of Republican state Sen. Tim Neville features his sister-in-law, Julie Williams, and echoes a letter sent by Williams, accusing his Democratic opponent, Tammy Story, of mistreating her son with autisum. 

Williams originally made these allegations during a 2015 recall of her and other Jefferson County School Board members. the school district reviewed videos from the school, and found no evidence to substantiate her claims according to a response to a public records request.

Here's a transcript of the call, clidk on the message to listen.

Hello, my name is Julie Williams. Recently I mailed out a letter informing you that a Tammy Story led group of activists used my son Randy, a child with autism, to further her political agenda. Bullies like Tammy Story don't care about families and children in our community. They only care about themselves. Join me in making sure Tammy Story and her cronies can't ever use a child with special needs like my son Randy ever again by sending her home on November sixth, with a vote against Tammy Story. And I hope you'll vote for state Senator Tim Neville. He stands up to bullies like Story and has pushed for legislation to help children with special needs. He's a strong man of character who deserves our votes. To hear more about my story, go to Tammyexposed-dot-com. This call was paid for and authorized by Neville for Colorado.

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