Messenger: Unclear

Candidate: Tim Neville

Contest: Senate District 16

Affiliation: R

Date delivered: June 18, 2018

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Message type: door literature

Message tone: positive

About the message: This four-page flyer left on doorsteps on June 18 praises GOP Sen. Tim Neville for his work on health care, education, protecting taxpayers and efficient government. It doesn't mention Neville's upcoming election contest against Democrat Tammy Story, which is considered pivotal to Republican efforts to retain their one-vote majority in the state Senate.

There's no indication who paid for the mailer or its distribution.

About the messenger: If there's no indication of who delivered the message, well, it's unclear. This means there's no revelation on a robocall or "paid for by" on a mailer or door literature.

And, in fact, there's a loophole in Colorado law that doesn't require disclosure if a message doesn't explicitly say "vote for" or "vote against." And even candidates don't have to say if they delivered a message, according to the Secretary of State.

According to the Campaign Finance Institute, Colorado was one of only 10 states with such a loophole in 2016.

The messenger's money: This is the definition of "dark money." There's no way to know who paid.