Messenger: Frontier Fairness

Candidate: Michael Johnston

Contest: Governor

Affiliation: D

Date delivered: May 21, 2018

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Message type: mailer

Message tone: informative

About the message: This the third mailer we've seen sent by super PAC Frontier Fairness supporting Democratic gubernatorial candidate Michael Johnston and focusing on solving gun violence. It cites a four-point plan the former state senator advocates, which includes banning bump stocks, universal background checks (which are pretty much the law already in Colorado), banning high capacity magazines (anything over 15 shots is banned in Colorado) and creating gun violence restraining orders, which the state Senate rejected earlier in May.

The mailer also encourages voters to return their ballots early.

About the messenger: Frontier Fairness is an independent spending committee supporting former Democratic state Sen. Michael Johnston in the governor's race.

The messenger's money: Among the major donors to Frontier Fairness are former New York City mayor and businessman Michael Bloomberg at $2 million and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman at $1 million; $100,000 from DaVita CEO Kent Thiry (who was once registered as a Republican); $500,000 each from hedge fund manager Stephen Mandel and his wife Susan. Kelley of Denver venture capital firm Vestar and Eric and Sara Resnick, of Vail, at $50,000 each. Also: $2,500 each from acting couple Felicity Huffman and William Macy.James