Messenger: Adams County Republican Party

Candidate: multiple

Contest: multiple

Affiliation: None

Date delivered: Oct. 18, 2018

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Message type: mailer

Message tone: informative

About the message:

This mailer from the Adams County Republican Party recommends voting for GOP candidates, headlining with "He said, she said... ENOUGH!". It notes that a "one Republican Senate seat majority saved Colorado!" though it doesn't note from what the state was saved.

Senate District 24, where GOP Sen. Beth Martinez Humenik was elected in 2014 by less than 900 votes, is considered pivitol in holding the Republican majority in the Senate. She's being challenged by Democratic state Rep. Faith Winter, who filed a sexual harassment complaint against Democratic state Rep. Steve Lebsock, who was expelled from the House in March. Martinez Humenik was among 17 Republican and one unaffiliated senators who voted against expelling GOP Sen. Randy Bumgardner after he as accused of sexually harassing women.

The mailer endorses Martinez Humenik, Republican gubernatorial candidate Walker Stapleton, and other GOP candidates up and down the ballot, including state Rep. Alexander "Skinny" Winkler, who replaced Lebsock because he switched to the GOP after realizing he'd be expelled.

About the messenger: There is no committee registered with the state by the formal name of the Adams County Republican Party. There is an Adams County Republican Party Central Committee and an Adams County Republican Party Independent Expenditure Committee.

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