Candidate: Pat Miller

Contest: House District 63

Affiliation: R

Occupation/City: Author, former state lawmaker, Erie

Pat Miller served in the Colorado House in the early 1990s, and faces Erie Trustee Dan Woog and write-in candidate Corey Seulean in the House District 63 GOP primary in southern Weld County.

Campaign contributions

The following questions were asked only of 2020 primary candidates. Not all candidates responded.

Why are you running for office?

Colorado has become increasingly liberal. I want to encourage conservative voters to get out to support candidates that reflect true Colorado values: life, liberty, property rights, individual responsibility, less government - more freedom. I want HD63 to remain conservative - true, confirmed conservatism.

What Colorado issue is most important to you and how will you address it?

The issues and their importance change all the time! The family unit is under attack, whether that attack is from liberal education demands or health care for our children. How can a government employee know more about children than the parents of those children? The indoctrination of students in the public school system is overwhelming. I support choice in education. The pro-life issue has been and always will be a most important issue to me. If government will not protect the right of every human being to be born, what other rights won't it protect? I will vote to protect life from conception until natural death.The economy has taken a direct hit in Weld County when the liberals in the Legislature put stringent regulations on oil and gas. I will vote to reverse those regulations. Gun rights are also an important issue. I will vote against any attempt to usurp the 2nd Amendment.

How should the state deal with the budget crisis - be specific in terms of programs and dollars. What should be cut, what should be preserved?

Audit the Colorado Department of Transportation. Cut any welfare programs that have been in existence for years and not been held accountable for the money spent. Pay salaries comparable to the private sector for the same jobs. Perhaps a10% cut across the board for all spending. Adequate funding for education. Preserve any program that seeks to limit the role of government.

What’s the best way for the state to deal with the unemployment resulting from the coronavirus? Solutions for the future only.

Open up the businesses sooner rather than later. Remove the regulations that hinder small businesses. Small business is the backbone of the economy.

Describe the most important distinctions between you and your primary opponent.

I've been in the public arena in the past, and served in the Legislature in the early 90s. I have experience and can hit the ground running! I have proven leadership credentials, and am still standing after the liberal attacks from every Party. People want leaders who will not fold when confronted on controversial issues; leaders who represent the people who put them in office, not lobbyists who expect a return on their donations. I've seen too many good people in office be manipulated by lobbyists with their own agendas. I know this from experience.