Candidate: Justin Everett

Contest: House District 22

Affiliation: R

Occupation/City: state lawmaker, business owner, Littleton

Justin Everett is a former state representative and small business owner. After an unsuccessful run for state treasurer in 2018, he is challenging Rep. Colin Larson in the GOP primary.

Campaign contributions

The following questions were asked only of 2020 primary candidates. Not all candidates responded.

Why are you running for office?

We need strong conservative principled leaders who are willing to make the tough decisions and protect our Constitutional Rights.

What Colorado issue is most important to you and how will you address it?

The overgrowth and expansion of government. It has gotten too big and out of control. I will continue running legislation to shrink the size and scope, while recruiting like-minded people to join the fight.

How should the state deal with the budget crisis - be specific in terms of programs and dollars. What should be cut, what should be preserved?

During my tenure in the legislature, I served on the Education, Public Health, and Appropriations committees. Education and health eat up about 75% of the budget. All spending over $1,000 went through the appropriations committee. It was abundantly clear that, contrary to popular belief, there is too much wasteful spending at all levels, especially in Education and Public Health. Medicaid eligibility has been dramatically expanded in the last decade, far exceeding it's projected cost. That's where we should look first. Citizens need to understand that the Government can't be everything to everyone, so it's time to start cutting - everywhere. There can no longer be ANY sacred cows.

What’s the best way for the state to deal with the unemployment resulting from the coronavirus? Solutions for the future only.

As a small business owner, I think there are pretty simple solutions. First, get government out of the way, and let Colorado be open for business! Let businesses choose if, how and when they want to open without government interference. Second, repeal draconian regulations and laws that govern businesses across all industries. Third, cut the state sales tax and income tax, while repealing the Business Personal Property Tax. This will help with cash flow problems resulting from the Governor's shut-down of Colorado, and help businesses make payroll.

Describe the most important distinctions between you and your primary opponent.

If you look at our voting records and philosophies towards government, it's a surprise we are both members of the same party. My voting record represents someone who ALWAYS voted against the expansion of government and the contraction of our individual freedoms and liberties. My opponent's voting record and the legislation he introduces clearly and consistently supports big government. Plus, I'm the only social conservative in this race who believes in traditional family values - my record reflects that, and the district reflects my views. My opponent is not a social conservative and has been pretty brazen about voting against traditional family values.