Candidate: Dan Woog

Contest: House District 63

Affiliation: R

Occupation/City: business owner, former town trustee, Erie

Dan Woog is an Erie trustee who owns Flagship Properties. He was elected to Erie's Board of Trustees in 2013.

Campaign contributions

The following questions were asked only of 2020 primary candidates. Not all candidates responded.

Why are you running for office?

Our Constitutional rights are being stripped from us before our eyes. Whether it’s the red flag law, stealing property rights from the oil and gas industry, or forcing people to stay away from each other whether it be church congregations, businesses or even family time outdoors due to a virus. All of the aforementioned enforcement’s are completely unconstitutional. As a business owner and recent Trustee for the Town Of Erie, it has become very apparent to me the brazen and arrogant attitude from so many of our Democrat elected officials. It is time we put a stop to this and we must do it now! We must be loud and proud about our free market economy and what these hard workers provide for families and for our way of life. I am a proven strong Conservative fighter who will do everything possible to keep our Constitution at the forefront of every decision.

What Colorado issue is most important to you and how will you address it?

Weld County is in integral County for a great state in many ways and the economic benefits are second to none. The oil and gas industry and agriculture industry have been a blessing and a boon to our economy for many years. As Jarred goes after these industries, there’s only one direction for our taxes and cost of living to go. Up, up, up! As a business owner and a 2 time elected official, I have seen firsthand the devastation to industry and even small businesses from too much regulation. The state of Colorado has done a tremendous job regarding industry oversight which ensures safety for our residents. Now, under Polis’ oversight, we are seeing so much more regulation and it has crippled businesses throughout our state. It is time to let the free market take over again to ensure our state remains one of the most productive in the country!

How should the state deal with the budget crisis - be specific in terms of programs and dollars. What should be cut, what should be preserved?

The state must find ways to maximize revenue which can only happen by putting people back to work. The government must allow the energy industry to reboot in order to drive Colorado‘s economy again. Before these recent world events, our government made a conscious decision to cripple the oil and gas industry. The state must back off an alarmist public health measures and allow us citizens to make our own decisions on what is good for us and our families. During this crisis our priorities must be Public safety, support of our police, transportation, and K-12 education. We do not have the time or resources for an agenda full of liberal spending.

What’s the best way for the state to deal with the unemployment resulting from the coronavirus? Solutions for the future only.

In order to deal with unemployment our Government officials need to step back and let the free market economy do its thing. During this recent corona virus pandemic, democrat officials completely overreacted. It’s time to let Colorado get back to work and to stop killing our economy and jobs with too many regulations. Prior to this pandemic, the economy was setting records with labor participation rates and overall number of people employed. Allow The People to make their own decisions and get back to work!

Describe the most important distinctions between you and your primary opponent.

I am a Colorado Conservative with a strong proven record on 2A rights, property rights, balanced budgets and limited government. My opponent is a former Democrat who has Lost 4 elections in her political career. She also left the Republican Party to run as a third party candidate which secured enough votes to ensure a democrat victory. For the last 7 years that my Town has been taken over by socialist elected officials, I have been fighting for Conservative values, Pat Miller has been silent. HD63 needs someone who will tirelessly fight while also helping to ensure the CO Republican Party continues to grow in strength. I am the Energy candidate for HD63.